Request for Banquet Prizes

Hello everyone, the shad run is fast approaching and there are some big doings for the Bi State Shad Fishing Contest. For the first time this year there will be a Spring Banquet Fundraiser to kick off this year’s season. The banquet will be held on Saturday March 11, from 6 to 9PM at the Alpha Volunteer Fire House at 1109 Lee Avenue in Alpha, NJ. Being a fundraiser we are requesting donations of any fishing or sporting goods new or used for the silent auctions and tricky trays. We’d also like to get contributions of goods and items for the ladies who will be in attendance wanting a chance to win some prizes of their liking.

The goal for this year’s contest is to raise enough funds from entrance fees, sponsorship and fundraisers to increase the prize money.  The top prize last year was $6000 with increases to all places.

 It is our hope to award the winner of the 2017 contest with a check in the amount of

$7500 to $10,000

and once again increase places 2 through 9. With your help and support we can reach these numbers and continue to move the Bi State Shad Fishing Contest toward being the best of its kind anywhere in the country.

If you would like to contribute and donate prizes for the banquet please contact Eric at 610.762-0440 or  

You can also use the contact form on this website     

For tickets to the banquet you can print and send your request form with check or money order to:

Bi State Shad LLC     715 Buttermilk Road     Hellertown PA, 10855

Thank you for your participation and continued support

Another great turnout at Dub's on 5th. A lot of old faces returned with a lot of new. Much talk about the upcoming season and a good number of people signing up for the contest and the upcoming Spring Banquet on March, 11. Please take note that there will be tickets at the door. We are looking forward to a great night out with good food, fun and prizes


Great gathering at IL GAETANO 'S tonight for our January meeting. The excitement level is high with the mild temperatures lately. I think we will be catching shad in mid March this year. Everyone seems to be getting their gear ready for the upcoming shad run. I hope to see you all at our February meeting..... Eric                                              

     all meeting photos courtesy of Dave Perusso


Another good turnout at our meeting at contest sponsor Pints and Pies. A lot of sign ups and talk of the  dinner banquet and shad coming in March. Stay tuned for details and plans for what looks to be a great night out just before the shad season kicks into high gear. Mark your calendars for March 11


Hats off to three time prize winner and life long shad fisherman Bob Wambold for stepping up as the first sponsor of the 2017 Bi-State Shad Fishing Contest. Bob was the 2nd place finisher in 2011, while claiming a 4th place daily prize in 2015. Bob claimed 6th place overall in 2016. Many thanks to Bob for getting 2017 off to a great start
It must be contagious, contestants George "Shadpappy" Magaro and Tom Lynn stepped up at our Fat Jacks meeting and also sponsored the 2017 contest. Thanks again guys
I stand corrected on Bob Wambold being the only three time prize winner, Russ Wildrick is also a three time winner claiming a 1st place daily prize in 2014, 5th place overall in 2013, and 2nd place overall in 2012. Russ also won a senior bonus prize in 2016 which i was not including, which makes him our only 4 time winner. Congratulations Russ
How about Kyle Hockman, he won three prizes in the same year. In 2015 Kyle finished 7th place overall and won a 2nd place daily prize on day 1, and a 4th place daily prize on day 3.   Awesome Kyle
Steve Kollar from Washington Crossing finished 5th place overall in 2016 and 2015  Way to go Steve
Our 2016 and 2015 champions both had trees fall on their boats right before the contest the past 2 years. This is one stat that i hope never repeats itself
For those unable to attend monthly meetings:   In order to reach our goals for this years contest, we have put 2 plans into action to raise money.
1. We have raised the entry fee from $30 to $35 dollars
2. We are organizing our 1st annual dinner banquet and fundraiser 
It is our hope to exceed our goal of a $7500 grand prize with $10,000 as our ultimate goal
Its official:  We will have our 1st annual Mayoral fish off in 2017. Easton mayor Sal Panto and Phillipsburg mayor Steve Ellis are going to go head to head to kick off this years contest. A friendly Easton - Phillipsburg rivalry
Great gathering at our meeting held at Fat Jack's. A discussion on planning the upcoming banquet and other ways to raise funds for the contest was the order of the night.
We had a very nice turnout at Jimmy's Doggie Stand for our October meeting. Items on the meeting's menu after absorbing Jimmy's fine food  included plans for growing the contest now and in the future. There are definite plans for a BiState Shadfishing Banquet which are in the works and will be announced when a venue and date are finalized. Other items to raise funds and prize monies from those funds were also brought forward with some very insightful ideas to help formulate a sound plan. Stay tuned! Thanks to all who showed up and shared their thoughts and to Jimmy's for hosting the very productive event.

Rules Changes for 2017

New weigh station hours will be 8AM to 9PM. The extra hour will give contestants time to make it to the scale if traveling from a distant river location
Due to feedback from many contestants and starting in 2017, every angler in the boat must be registered in the contest. A non fishing companion is acceptable. I will leave it up to the contestants to police this rule. If a contestant is caught with a non registered angler, or anglers on board, all will be banned from fishing the contest in the future, and the registered angler will be disqualified. We have volunteers up and down the river. I encourage everyone to mindful of who is fishing in your area. Ask other anglers if you are not sure.

A letter from the DRSFA to all interested in preserving the shad runs up the DelawareHi Everybody,  As many of you already know, the Delaware River Shad Fishermen’s Association (DRSFA) with help from the Lehigh River Stocking Association (LRSA) has dedicated almost $17,000, so far, towards the construction of a permanent home for the Shad Tank at Hugh Moore Park.  This 44’ x 24” building will provide a secure enclosure for the Shad Spawning Tank and allow us to have a permanent set up for the tank as well as all of the pumps, piping and equipment connected to the tank.  In the past, we have had to assemble and then disassemble all of the pipes and pumps before and after each Shad season.  This building will enable us to be ready each season with minimal delays in preparation due to weather or lack of manpower and will also provide adequate room for storage of all the transfer tanks and other tools and equipment used in the program.Our goal is to provide all of the shad eggs necessary to the various Shad in Schools programs in the area and to provide an educational program at the Shad Tank with live video of the fish as they do their thing.  Each day the water is tested for temperature and dissolved oxygen and the eggs from the tank are collected and put in McDonald Jars for observation and testing.  Local high school and college students are encouraged to take part in this program, especially the lab work, which could lead them to a career in various aquatic fields.  All eggs and fry end up in the Lehigh or Delaware Rivers to help ensure the success of future Shad runs.

All of this is possible, but we need your help.  We need at least another $5,000+ to install a concrete floor and complete this initial phase of construction.  Additional money will be necessary for shelving, electric and other improvements, but first we need to prepare the site and erect the building.  Anything you can do to help in this effort would be greatly appreciated.  Donations should be sent to:  DRSFA, 2240 W. Columbia Street, Allentown, PA  18102-5220.

Thanks,  Mike Topping, President, DRSFA



The future Bi-State Shad Fishing Contest Manager with his 1st shad at age three-Aden